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Irrigation Evaluations

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The CRCD’s Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) helps farmers and managers of schools and parks save water, energy and money. We provide onsite irrigation system analysis and technical assistance to improve water use efficiency. This service is FREE to agricultural growers and available for a small fee to turf managers.

Whether you are a vineyard manager looking to update your SIP certification, an owner of a new avocado orchard just getting set up or a seasonal row crop farmer, we can help with your irrigation system.

Our experienced irrigation technicians will review your irrigation operation and inspect your system to evaluate the performance. Measurements of pressure and flow can determine your Distribution Uniformity with calculations that will indicate how to improve efficiency.

Services include:

  • Irrigation Scheduling Assistance
  • Nutrient Management Assistance
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Distribution Uniformity Analysis
  • Pump Efficiency Analysis
  • Equipment Recommendations

As a result of the evaluation, you will learn how well your irrigation system is functioning. We provide recommendations on how to improve your system performance and irrigation scheduling to increase your water use efficiency. These recommendations may help you reduce costs and increase crop yield. Engineering assistance is also offered to facilitate the implementation of recommended practices.

 Mobile Irrigation Lab services can help wine grape growers maintain Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certification. Use the contact form at right for more information or to request a consultation.