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Invasive Plant Spotlight: Mexican Feathergrass

May contain: plant, grass, vegetation, bush, and lawn

Have you seen this deceptively beautiful plant in your neighborhood, someone’s yard, a parking lot, or running along a sidewalk? It seems like a great drought tolerant plant…

So what’s the problem?

Nassella tenuissima, also known as Mexican feathergrass, and formerly known as Stipa tenuissima, is an emerging invasive plant in California. An invasive plant is an introduced species that out-competes native plants and wildlife for space and resources, causing harm — and is often difficult to remove or control. N. tenuissima is an extremely vigorous plant and will likely spread out of its designated place in the garden. This plant can crowd out pasture species as well as native grasses in coastal areas.

Fortunately, there are many beautiful, hardy, non-invasive alternatives to choose instead of this invasive plant. Download the flyer below for more information.

Mexican Feathergrass Flyer